EVERY WEDNESDAY – Miercolitros!

Do you karaoke? Then you need to be at the Garden Bistro Bar this Wednesday. Come and be a rock star during our karaoke Wednesday. If you believe that you have a musical talent or if you want to share your amazing vocal skills with friends and strangers, visit the Garden Bistro Bar every Wednesday.

The Garden Bistro Bar is one of the best Karaoke bars in San Antonio. It’s a karaoke friendly bar that gives you a chance to perform your favorite songs live. This venue has a relaxed atmosphere where you and your friends can drink and have fun. Make the Garden Bistro Bar your favorite Wednesday night spot and we will help you grow your musical or vocal talents.

What’s Karaoke?

Karaoke is a Japanese word. It means “empty orchestra”. Karaoke is therefore a form of performance that brings new or amateur singers together to sing along recorded music. When performing, the singer reads the lyrics that are displayed on a screen. The crowd can also join in. To enhance the performance, the venue must provide a brilliant environment.

Garden Bistro Bar provides the most karaoke friendly environment. We also provide amazing microphones and screens to enhance your performance. Rest assured that you will want to perform at the Garden Bistro Bar once you do it once.

The Best Karaoke Bar in Town

The Garden Bistro Bar is the best karaoke bar in San Antonio for both singers and the audience. We believe that karaoke performances and quality alcohol flow freely. Our karaoke Wednesdays are not just about listening to amateur or talented singers. We make sure that both the singers and the audience have fun.

Therefore, we provide drink specials on some karaoke Wednesdays to make the experience amazing for everyone. So, if you love karaoke performances, come to the Garden Bistro Bar even if you don’t want to perform. We guarantee you an experience that will end your bar hopping in San Antonio.

Visit the Garden Bistro Bar this Wednesday for a karaoke experience to remember!


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